On The Girl Who Leapt Through Time and rainy days.

You know, when I remember watching a good movie for the first time, the first thing that I remember is where, and how, I watched it. That always sticks with me the most. Like when I watched My Neighbour Totoro whe were coming back from a long tiring trip to Austria. When we just passed the Dutch-German border and I remember feeling comforted by this cozy, cute, amazing movie as night fell and orange and red stripes slipped over the horizon. When I remeber something like that, all of the flaws of the movie suddenly get wiped from my brain (Not that My Neighbour Totoro had any flaws, of course!). Those type of memories stay with me the longest.

Today I experienced something similar withThe Girl Who Leapt Through Time. It was the last day of summer vacation, I was tired, bored and eager to get back to school te be productive again yet not wanting to leave the comfort of sleeping in every morning and having the freedom to do everything I wanted with my day. Then I decided to watch a new movie that had been sitting on my hard drive for the past months.

The story is basically about a girl named Makoto, a young Japanese high scooler who one day discoveres she can time travel. With this new found ability she desides to use it to her advantage by solving a bunch of problems. However, she later discovers the consequences of her actions as the number of time leaps she can do runs out.

In a weird way, the movie kind of resembles My Neighbour Totoro, believe it or not. Like that movie, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time felt very comforting to me, I experienced it as a pretty relaxing, laid back and careless movie. (Unlike the second half, wich is more emotional and comfronting.) The movie is also not packed to the brim with big-breasted screaming women and big flashy hair styles. While there is nothing wrong with those two things, the lack of it adds to the overall realness of the movie.

I also have to talk about the backgrounds, because man, those backgrounds! It all looks like it all belongs in an art museum. There are a lot of wide angle shots in the movie that really let you soak up the scenery. There are also a lot of scenery shots in the movie where, really, not much is happening. There arent really people talking and the only sound you really hear is that of the enviroment. These scenes let you reflect on the situation and gives the movie more of a zen feel.

After viewing the movie, I type this piece as the rain clatters against my bedroom window, on a rainy, grey day. That’s what made me remember the movie: The comfort of viewing a movie in those specific conditions. Tired, on my last day of vacation on a grey, rainy day.

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Where have I been?

Bonjour bonjour, hello hello all of you people! Yes, I know, I’ve been very absent from this blog for way too long and I know all four of you who follow me are verydissapointed in this fact. Well, lemme explain:

I started this blog as a ‘dump’ of sorts for my ever growing collection of photos. However, recently i have been falling in love with the art of design through photoshop and such. I love art, typography and all that kind of stuff, I’m very torn about how to continue my blog, because I couldn’t decide between keeping this a photo blog or making it into something else.

I’ve also been busy with my VSCO grid, where post all of my cellphone pictures. Because the VSCOcam app works very fluidly and fast, I post a lot more pictures there so I think I won’t be converting my phone pictures to my Tumblr blog anymore.

Well, I think i’ve decided what to do: This blog will be a more traditional blog of sorts, meaning that I’ll post whatever I want, whenever I want. I’ll post stuff like what i’ve been up to, photos I took, designs I made, trips i’ve been on, likes, dislikes and generally what has been on my mind lately. I know nobody really cares about my life, but by posting all of this I, somehow, feel more…organized. It makes me feel more productive and more satisfied with my work. And, well, I just like to talk passionately about my opinions and thoughts.

So that’s it you guys. If you are as excited as I am for this change, come on and join the ride by following me (also, everytime someone follows me, my heart explodes with joy…so that’s fun.)

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